Congratulations, Louisiana!

I wasn’t even worried because I knew you’d pull through.

10 thoughts on “Congratulations, Louisiana!”

  1. ” I knew you’d pull through”

    I don’t know the specific candidates, so my first reaction is “Oh great! More ‘resistance’ More impeachment hysteria! Just what everybody needs!

    Or is there another reason this is good news?


    1. This is a governor’s election, so not much impact on anything relating to impeachment. And John Bel Edwards definitely isn’t a “resistance” type. He focuses on state level issues that actually affect people in Louisiana. He’s also the kind of person the average “resister” hates because he’s a socially conservative, pro-life Christian. Not “personally pro-life but I respect your right to choose” either, but “voted for the heartbeat bill” pro-life. Rod Dreher voted for him, I think that tells you everything you need to know, really.

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      1. ” Rod Dreher voted for him”

        Before or after his latest exorcism (or discovery of a trans plot to corrupt children). I can’t imagine going through life so terrified of…. everything.


    2. Jesus. The alternative was, painting in broad strokes, destruction of public education, end of health insurance, end of environment, and state bankruptcy. Yet you are willing to face that just so as not to have a Democrat elected, and you are willing to be THAT derisive about our having worked to rescue ourselves. What a f***ing jerk, I hope you suffer the consequences of the kind of governance you claim to want personally. Louisiana is still on the map because JBE saved it from falling off a cliff. Once again: I hope you get to enjoy the alternative, since it is what you appear to want.


      1. “What a f***ing jerk”

        Thank you very kindly, what a lovely thing to say!

        I specifically pleaded ignorance, admitting ignorance is a very good way to get others of good will to educate you.

        “I hope you suffer the consequences of the kind of governance you claim to want”

        I don’t recall claiming to want anything specific here.


      2. Z, so why did JBE win another term as governor?
        Per some acquaintances in Louisiana, Republicans kept sending mailers saying JBE supported a “socialist agenda” This consists of “higher taxes, support for sanctuary cities, open borders, opposing the second amendment, impeaching President Trump.” It stuck JBE’s face right in between Nancy Pelosi and AOC. They used the mailers as kindling for a nice campfire.

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        1. Because he is the only one willing to keep the Medicaid expansion, support any kind of education funding, try to keep pollution at current and not higher levels, try to keep the land from sliding faster into the sea, and not have the state go broke such that all public works stop entirely.


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