We Are Losers

Vox, the unappealing far-right group that did unusually well in Spain’s election, won in the voting districts with the largest number of non-European immigrants. The effect is the same in different geographic areas and in all income groups.

Only two years ago, I concluded my book by saying that Spain stands out among other Western European countries in that it doesn’t have a significant ultra-right political force. I also said that if adventures in neoliberalism continued, that might change.

Two years later, that changed.

Everywhere, people are reacting badly to the trauma of neoliberalism. They are AOCing or MAGAing themselves as a way of expressing dislike for what’s happening. But they are still as dumb as ever, and the people who exploit them easily pit them against each other. The poor idiots tear each other to pieces while their neoliberal overlords keep remaking the world to their liking.

We are being manipulated by people who despise us. Trump, Obama, Bush, Pelosi – they are all in it together. They are all winners and we are all stupid, pathetic losers.

One thought on “We Are Losers”

  1. ..and in the UK, we have bj who is currently the unelected but Tory so ‘entitled’ Prime Minister and farage who is the rich, slimy detritus at the bottom of a dustbin. I will not give either of these persons the respect of a Capital Letter (uppercase).


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