Ethnic People

I opened a ballot from my union and discovered a vote for an “ethnic minority candidate.” Threw the ballot in the trash.

It gets worse, though. I recently heard somebody say that “we need to hire more ethnic people.”

I’d respect these freaks more (although not much more) if they just said openly “non-white people.”

Close and Far

Today I talked to a lady whose father was wounded in WWI. You think it was a million years ago but it’s actually very historically recent.

“My family lives far away…” the lady sighs. “I sometimes really miss them.”

“Where are they?” I ask in my most compassionate voice.

The old lady names a town 11 miles away.

Her idea of time is like my idea of space. WWI feels as close to her as Montreal or Chicago feel to me.

Interiorizing Austerity

The supposedly pro-climate narrative of “eat fake meat, live in pods, don’t use AC, don’t enjoy life, etc” is the perfect example of how people interiorize austerity. They no longer need institutions that exist outside themselves to punish and control them. They have placed the austerity comissar inside themselves.

Obviously, none of this self-punishment helps climate. Climate is just an excuse.

#MeTooing Bernini

Thomas Campbell, the director the Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco, praised the “compelling, hypnotizing, even inspiring” elements of the piece. “And yet . . . ” he added, “I am now struggling to recalibrate my thoughts on this work because a subject that I used to regard almost as an academic premise for virtuoso sculpture—abduction scenes are, after all, common in renaissance and baroque art—seems much less academic two years after the start of the ‘Me Too’ movement.”

I was following links about Renaissance and Baroque sculpture, looking at beautiful images but you can’t hide from this inane wokesterism no matter what you do. God, I wish these creatures at least left art in peace.

How can a person – an art museum director, no less – not perceive as a sacrilege even mentioning something as inane as #Metoo in the same sentence with a work of art? These people will soon start censoring ancient Greek mythology for not promoting the latest flavor of woke orthodoxy.

Weird People

I live, sleep, eat and drink Frozen because there’s a toddler in the house, and I have to say that you definitely need a sexopathologist if you see these characters as sexual and fantasize about their sex lives:

Speaking of messaging, many in the LGBT community have been urging Disney to make Elsa its first openly lesbian lead animated character. But as revealed by Time Out’s Phil De Semlyen — another RT “top critic” who rated it “fresh” — those calling for an “out” Elsa are going to be disappointed. “Does it offer any further evidence to those who interpreted ‘Let It Go’ as Elsa’s covert coming-out anthem?” he writes. “Sadly no … “

People are really weird. I heard that there are adults at Disney World who run around all giddily excited about meeting the characters. Creepy, creepy people.