Weird People

I live, sleep, eat and drink Frozen because there’s a toddler in the house, and I have to say that you definitely need a sexopathologist if you see these characters as sexual and fantasize about their sex lives:

Speaking of messaging, many in the LGBT community have been urging Disney to make Elsa its first openly lesbian lead animated character. But as revealed by Time Out’s Phil De Semlyen — another RT “top critic” who rated it “fresh” — those calling for an “out” Elsa are going to be disappointed. “Does it offer any further evidence to those who interpreted ‘Let It Go’ as Elsa’s covert coming-out anthem?” he writes. “Sadly no … “

People are really weird. I heard that there are adults at Disney World who run around all giddily excited about meeting the characters. Creepy, creepy people.

One thought on “Weird People”

  1. “Seek and ye shall find” does not necessarily imply that if one looks hard (and long) enough they can eventually find whatever it is they are looking for
    …it also means that if one is either obsessed with or intensely looking for something they’ll often “find it” even where (and when) it doesn’t exist, because their delusions take over their mindset so much that it’ll eventually become “all they can see”—it’ll somehow wind up “being” everywhere they look.


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