I Don’t Get It

Buttigieg has surged to first place in Iowa according to a new Des Moines Register/CNN poll. He leads the pack by 9 points while Warren, Biden, and Sen. Bernie Sanders (I., Vt.) are in a close battle for second. Despite his lead in Iowa, Buttigieg is in fourth place nationally, according to the RealClearPolitics polling average.

I very very honestly don’t get it. I just don’t. I can disagree with Warren or Bernie but Buttigieg doesn’t even merit that because I haven’t heard him utter a meaningful sentence ever. Is it because he’s young? I honestly see no other winning point about him. He’s a privileged fellow, he has no experience doing anything of interest in politics, he has no signature issue, what is it people like about him?

30 thoughts on “I Don’t Get It”

              1. Speaking seriously, doesn’t it get boring to blame absolutely everything in the world on Fox-inspired racistssexists? It’s got to get old after a while.


      1. The % of African-Americans living in Iowa is 2.3% of the population. And they’ve seen how some of the white voters lost their little minds when Obama dared to preside over this country.

        It’s more like placating an abusive relative than real racism.


          1. Apparently.

            Iowa 2008:

            Iowa was won by the Democratic
            nominee, Senator Barack Obama of Illinois, by a 9.54% margin of victory. Obama took 53.93% of the vote while his Republican opponent, Senator John McCain of Arizona, took 44.39%.

            Iowa 2012:

            Obama won Iowa with 51.99% of the vote to Romney’s 46.18%, a Democratic victory margin of 5.81%.

            Iowa 2016:
            Donald Trump won the election in Iowa with 51.1% of the vote. Hillary Clinton received 41.7% of the vote. Trump carried Iowa by the largest margin of any Republican candidate since Ronald Reagan in 1980.

            A drop of 10 points for electing Hillary suggests something changed.


  1. “what is it people like about him?”

    Democratic voters who want a “moderate” candidate to run in the general election against Trump are apparently beginning to see Buttigieg as a viable alternative to the faltering Biden and to the other “moderates” like Harris and Klobuchar, who haven’t gotten any traction.


  2. Buttigieg is smooth in a way that Warren, Sanders and Biden are not. He served in the military and is religious in a way that they aren’t. He’s midwestern (whatever that is) is a way that Warren (who grew up in Oklahoma), Sanders and Biden aren’t. He’s reassuring and nonthreatening. He’s a local boy who made good and didn’t really leave. Is it really a mystery he’s doing so well in Iowa?


    1. Biden is from the Midwest, even if he did leave for Delaware, and as a Midwesterner he connects with us better, imo. He understands Midwestern values, while Pete seems to have coastal values. Not saying your points aren’t true; I think your take is mostly accurate.


  3. First of all, it’s just one poll. The media, of course, will squeeze everything it can out of it.
    As for why – he is perceived as a business-friendly moderate. He speaks about his faith. He’s from the Midwest and served in the military – yes, only for 7 months, I’m aware. He doesn’t need to say anything particularly meaningful as long as he says it well.
    I haven’t watched any of the democratic debates, but I’ve read how journalists described his performances. A few months ago, when I first heard of him, I watched several Youtube videos of him speaking or being interviewed. He’s likable, and there’s his youth, like you said. There must be enough older (white) democratic voters who think it would make sense to have someone younger who knows how the modern world works help run things. He seems like a nice clean-cut young man who would be particularly appealing to them.
    White is important here because that’s who the people in Iowa mostly are, and he doesn’t usually do that well with older black democratic voters. It’s just numbers.


    1. Obama won Iowa very easily in 2008, both the primary and the general. So apparently the voters’ race didn’t have anything to do with it.

      There are few things that enrage more than the American hangup on race. They play this game, whatever, but why should we ape them? We are better than that.


      1. I wasn’t talking about white people in Iowa being racist. I keep seeing in the media that Buttigieg doesn’t poll well with older black Democratic voters. They prefer other candidates, like Biden. My point was that if there were more of such voters in Iowa, Buttigieg wouldn’t have done as well as he did.

        I understand your point about race, but I don’t think you can just ignore it as a factor in political campaigns in this country. Black voters are a key Democratic voting block.


  4. He has spent a lot of money in Iowa and has a more extensive network of campaign offices there than other candidates, presumably in the hopes that an early victory there will give his campaign an Obama-esque turbo-boost.


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