SD on Meth

Oh God, people, did you see the South Dakota meth campaign? I almost peed myself with laughter. Isn’t this the most ridiculous thing ever?

I’m guessing the creator of the campaign was definitely on huge amounts of meth.

9 thoughts on “SD on Meth”

    1. ” former friends in Florida”

      They should change the license plates to “The Drugshine State”

      The part I grew up in wasn’t nearly as bad as where you’re from, but I still think of it as a different, very, very dark dimension… it can’t have been…. real? I’m not sure how I got out, but…. I’m glad I did.

      If you grow up in hard cracker Florida and aren’t in prison or dead by 30 then you’re a success story.


  1. In one sense, this is good advertising:

    “But give it a second thought. Of course they knew. The whole point is the double entendre, and the attention they knew it would draw. Just look at the domain name they chose. They are in no way using humor to belittle South Dakotans addicted to methamphetamine — they are using humor to burst through the apathy around the issue. A campaign with the same budget and an anodyne slogan like “Just Say No” or “We’re Here to Help” would have gotten zero attention inside South Dakota, let alone nationwide. But here we are, one day after the campaign launched, and South Dakota’s meth problem is at the top of the news nationwide. That’s not good advertising; that’s great advertising.”


    1. Problem is, it feels like good advertising for meth. My takeaway from the campaign is that everybody’s on meth. That seems unlikely to do anything to reduce the use of the drug. They should have put disfigured, toothless people on the boards.


  2. “did you see the South Dakota meth campaign?”

    the link is blocked in the EU but I found the ad on youtube…. it’s like a 1990s reality show “When wordplay goes wrong!”
    I honestly thought the beginning looked like a Saturday Night Live bit…


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