Chick-fil-A vs KFC

Isn’t it ridiculous that one Chick-fil-A outlet makes almost 3 times the revenue of one KFC outlet? Chick-fil-A is cardboard. Bleh, horrible, horrible garbage. KFC is also junk food but it’s in a different universe from the ocean of ickiness that’s Chick-fil-A. It’s delicious in its junk food way.

* I find the entire ideological controversy around Child to be extremely idiotic so please let’s not discuss it.

15 thoughts on “Chick-fil-A vs KFC”

  1. KFC exists in the universe where chicken is chicken, and Chik-fil-A has a universe with sentient cows who learned how to write using whole language. This raises questions I don’t want to think about while I’m eating such as: why are these cows sentient? Are all cows sentient in universe or just these ones? Are all cows sentient in that universe or just these ones? Did they escape from The Secret of Nimh? Why are they telling me to eat chicken? Do they have some kind of mortal grudge match? This is very disturbing, especially if you come from a theological tradition where you can be reincarnated as an animal. :-p

    Here, relax and enjoy a chicken on cow melee:


      1. ” tried explaining these bizarre “eat chickin” billboards to a toddler?”

        Well, honey, we eat cows because they can’t spell even basic words correctly…. so pay attention in school!


  2. Never mind KFC versus Chic-fil-A’s chicken sandwiches — who eats fried chicken in a bun, anyway??

    You want crispy deep-fried chicken the way it’s supposed to taste, go to POPEYE’S and order a big bucket of their spicy chicken. Also get their mashed potatoes w. gravy and biscuits as included sides. Delicious!

    The soggy, tasteless “fried chicken” that KFC serves is vastly inferior to Popeye’s crisp spicy version. (Also Popeye’s is cheaper for me, since Popeye’s has a outlet inside my local Air Force base and KFC doesn’t, so I don’t have to pay any sales tax.)


    1. “go to POPEYE’S”

      I used to love Popeye’s, less for the chicken and more for the redbeans and rice.

      One of my favorite chain fried chickens was from Burger Queen (no relation to Burger King). I don’t think they exist any more and the chicken didn’t seem special at first, but if you had it once you’d always go back for more….


  3. Not watching the Democratic primary debate going on now on MSNBC? You aren’t missing anything . It’s half-over now, and it’s by far the most boring debate so far — no real fighting words or even a single new plan from any of the candidates.


  4. Tom Steyer is going to declare a state of emergency on day one for climate. I’d be more alarmed if he had any chance of winning.

    Someone told Kamala Harris to soften her look so she’s wearing a pussy bow shirt and a light gray suit instead of her district attorney uniform.

    Tulsi Gabbard wants to be the Ron Paul of the Democratic Party. Andrew Yang is the libertarian that nobody is paying attention to.

    But yeah, it’s a big snooze compared to the must see tv of the impeachment hearings.


    1. Klobuchar is either under a very unfortunate air vent or she’s just about ready to give someone a tracheotomy with a fork because she vibrates every time she speaks.

      I don’t think anyone is going to change their minds based on this debate.


      1. Biden is exaggerating how much people in the black community love him (although to be fair he is leading in polls of South Carolina). He happily served under Obama for 8 years, which counts for more than some people think .


    2. Wow, I didn’t even know there was a debate.

      But once again, it’s like being there in person after reading your comments. Thank you! This is a very kind thing you do. I’ve been a little overwhelmed recently.


  5. Oh, Joe. Never stop eating your foot.


      1. “He needs to retire”

        The “I’m not a horrible person” part of me agrees…. but on the other hand if he does, then the antics of failson Hunter won’t be so…. newsworthy.
        And the “Yes, I’m a horrible person” part of me finds Hunter “Garbage fire” Biden to be the most entertaining public figure around (though again, I feel guilty about that….).


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