Run, Michelle, Run!

I remember how many times I blogged about how horrible it would be if Michelle Obama ran for president. But then I saw what the field is like, and now I’m totally into her running. She’s not ancient, she’s not demented, she’s not congenitally stupid, she’s not a total liar, she’s dignified, she is nice to look at, her children aren’t old enough to do corrupt stuff in Ukraine, black people have no reason to hate her. Why not? It can’t get much worse than it is now.

Who could have imagined this campaign would get so off the rails so early?

Obama, Conservative

Have you, folks, seen the article “Barack Obama, Conservative” in the WashPo? I almost peed myself with laughter. It’s easy to make an argument than absolutely anybody is a conservative (or a radical progressive) compared to some imaginary list of characteristics. I know a couple of rich snowflakes compared to whom Elizabeth Warren is an ultra conservative. That obviously doesn’t make her an objectively conservative politician.

At the same time, an actual president who has to do some real work will differ from a fantasy dreamed up by whomever feels like it during an electoral campaign. This isn’t an absolutist monarchy, and a president represents the executive, not the legislative, branch of power. He has to execute on what the legislature decides. Pouting that Obama didn’t execute on The Nation’s Christmas wish list is inane.

People will keep feeling disappointed with whomever they vote for because no president is going to change everything completely. There are many things Obama can be criticized for but pouting that he didn’t choose to be a dictator is very childish.