Question for Retirees

Older readers, retirees and people close to retirement, here’s a question. In the closing years of your career, what motivated you still to work hard and do a good job? If you had absolutely no chance of losing your job and medical insurance, what could still motivate you?

Basically, my question is, in the absence of either punitive factors (demotion, firing, salary cuts) or tangible rewards that pretty much disappear on the eve of retirement, what can motivate an older worker? What can still light that fire and stoke the hunger for achievement?

Smart Move

Tucker Carlson had his best month ever in terms of ratings this month. He also stood out against everybody else for giving minimal coverage to the impeachment. I think that the impeachment is deeply stupid, so I’m grateful to have one news show that talks about something else. Clearly, I’m not alone.

By the way, is the whole thing over yet? I don’t want it to intrude on my Dr Phil episodes any more.