Great Television

Tucker gave the monologue of his life tonight on how Trump is a liar with the personality of a used car salesman. This is great television, folks. And great analysis of the political situation.

Grateful for People

Klara says, “I’m drawing pictures for people today because tomorrow is Thanksgiving, and I’m grateful for people!”

We didn’t bring her up this way, I swear.

Tie Me Down

If I become chair, I’ll have to be in the office every day, which is something I’ve never done. This will really help me ramp up my research. I will have six (seven if things go really well) publications in 2019. And 3 plus a book lined up for 2020 already in November of 2019. But that’s not enough. I can do more if somebody chains me to a desk.

And hey, it’s not like I’m churning it out unthinkingly. My first article on a novel by a Central American writer was praised by reviewers as being based on superb familiarity with the writer’s entire literary output. I read most of his novels and two of his essay collections to write about this single novel.

All I need is to be forced to work more. A colleague asked me recently if I don’t feel like I’m already at 100% capacity. But I feel I’m at about 20% at most.