Psycho Profs

We complain about our endless workshops and compliance trainings but things could be much worse. The Russian parliament is considering a bill that would mandate obligatory psychiatric screening of all college professors to be conducted every five years.

Thanksgiving Plans

So here’s what we got planned for the long Thanksgiving weekend.

Today we stay at home, put up Christmas lights and outside decorations (it’s going to rain like a bastard starting tomorrow, so we have to do it now), teach Klara to read (the analyst says we have to start urgently right now), and have our Thanksgiving feast. The menu for the 3 of us is: turkey, obviously; stuffed mushrooms; cranberry sauce; balsamic glazed Brussels sprouts. And the ubiquitous pasta for Klara.

Tomorrow, we are going to a huge Christmas-themed event in St Louis.

On Saturday, Klara has a Grinch-themed playdate. N and I will use the opportunity to go to a British tea room for which we have a gift card. Then I’m taking him to a place if great emotional significance to me, which is our new local Home Goods store. Yes, I grew up in the USSR. I have an intense response to home goods stores.

On Sunday, we obviously have church, and then friends are coming over, and we’ll have a combined African / Eastern European meal to celebrate US Thanksgiving. (The friends are from Gabon).

Good Reporting

Wow, folks, I finally saw the drubbing that the great BBC reporter gave to Corbyn. In a typical politician manner, Corbyn responded with pitiful stock phrases about the evils of islamophobia to the question of whether he was ready to apologize for instances of anti-semitism in his party. The reporter wiped the floor with him.

I would so love to see this happen to every politician who recites slogans in response to serious questions. It was really great to see Lawrence O’Donnell press Warren when she kept stupidly refusing to admit that she plans to raise taxes.

That’s good reporting and we need more of it.

Jailed for Being a Pest

In Madrid, a guy who was sending his ex-girlfriend tons of messages begging her to come back was sent to jail for 6 months. The guy wasn’t threatening or violent, but he was clearly a pest.

At trial, he said he interpreted the ex’s lack of response to his messages as openness to a possibility of changing her mind. The trial judge, however, said that silence clearly means no.

I’ve had my share of boyfriends who refuse to go away, and yes, they are deeply annoying. I hate it when people whine and beg. But putting people in jail for being annoying is really out there. Don’t we all do something that drives other people nuts?

Spain has been witnessing an endless spectacle of the courts trying but failing to come up with a fair sentence to a group of criminals guilty of gang rape. For three years, the courts didn’t seem able even to articulate the word “rape” and keep suggesting that the victim enjoyed being raped. In a trivial spat between exes, though, the courts are all ready to go nuts throwing around jail sentences like wedding rice.