Jailed for Being a Pest

In Madrid, a guy who was sending his ex-girlfriend tons of messages begging her to come back was sent to jail for 6 months. The guy wasn’t threatening or violent, but he was clearly a pest.

At trial, he said he interpreted the ex’s lack of response to his messages as openness to a possibility of changing her mind. The trial judge, however, said that silence clearly means no.

I’ve had my share of boyfriends who refuse to go away, and yes, they are deeply annoying. I hate it when people whine and beg. But putting people in jail for being annoying is really out there. Don’t we all do something that drives other people nuts?

Spain has been witnessing an endless spectacle of the courts trying but failing to come up with a fair sentence to a group of criminals guilty of gang rape. For three years, the courts didn’t seem able even to articulate the word “rape” and keep suggesting that the victim enjoyed being raped. In a trivial spat between exes, though, the courts are all ready to go nuts throwing around jail sentences like wedding rice.

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