Keto Buns

So I made keto buns using the famous psyllium husk and almond flour recipe, and they turned out to be amazing. Better than real bread. Expensive as fuck, of course, but that’s everything keto.

I’m having a family weekend, not following news, and doing zero work. Mostly screen-free, too, except for a 4D movie “Rudolph, the Red-nosed Reindeer,” which was Klara’s first theater movie ever.

Also, I saw a goose at the supermarket for the first time ever. It cost $76. I still can’t get over it. Does anybody know why it’s so much more expensive than a duck that normally costs $20? It’s bigger but not humongously bigger. We live in a Geese Town, and the temptation to wack a bird on the head and drag it home grows.