Thank Goodness

All I can say is thank goodness for our Western men.

P.S. I have spent some time with some non-Western men, leading to this conclusion.

13 thoughts on “Thank Goodness”

  1. Btw, have you ever believed Father Frost or Snow maiden existed? My relatives never told me untruths and if I have children, I won’t say something similar either.

    I do remember thinking kings and queens did not exist after reading about them only in fairy tales. Then I was surprised to discover they were not like Baba Yaga or witches after all. 🙂


    1. I didn’t. And I think Klara takes after me because she knows the difference between real and imaginary very well.

      I believed in добывайки, though. Did you have that book when you were a kid?


    1. It was great. The poor male guest couldn’t get over N cleaning the table and serving dessert. Almost fell off the chair, the poor guy.

      Great people, but in terms of gender relations we are in different universes.


      1. Well, maybe those who have spent some time in the West, and not immersed in some local “Russian community”… (the operative word here is not “Russian”, too much involvement with any kind of ethnic community will be questionable from this perspective)


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