Our New President

The new president of our university system has a master’s and a PhD in….


….. No, wait for it because it’s totally worth it……


He is “widely published in the field of sport consumer behavior.”

Well, at least the Chancellor is fine.

2 thoughts on “Our New President”

  1. I don’t understand those degrees. He probably feels sad he’s not managing a pro sports team. Isn’t your university Division I…in some sport? Do those teams draw a lot of money in alumni donations?

    I literally don’t understand this degree in academia. This is the fantasy degree my brother would’ve gotten if he had any academic inclination whatsoever and it’s… designed for suckers because there are like 3 job openings at any one time. It sounds like your university president spent a lot of time consulting.


    1. It’s completely ridiculous. We are not a sporty school. We don’t need any of this crap. This guy will kill us with endless promotion of athletics which we don’t need.

      This is so ridiculous.


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