Good Journalism

Even the entirely apolitical N stopped in his tracks, sat down and remained glued to the screen when yesterday’s segment on the devastation of Sydney, Nebraska by predatory capitalism aired on Tucker.

The words MSNBC or Fox News are utterly meaningless to N. He lives in a different world.

4 thoughts on “Good Journalism”

  1. “Sydney, Nebraska”
    This hits home for me more than most because I’ve been to Sydney, probably a dozen or so times…. the story of its destruction has more emotional impact on me than the destruction of the town I grew up in a few years ago (by implacable mother nature and not human evil)
    There is no ethical or moral justification for bloodsucking vampires like Paul Singer. The fact that he’s not in prison or running for his life from an angry mob but instead is allowed to flourish at the expense of many thousands of shatter lives is just a symbol of how much the country has lost its way.


    1. What I find absolutely maddening is that we hear about the stupid foreign aid to Ukraine all day long but I only heard about this once in a single segment on one channel.

      It’s a gut-wrenching story and it’s one of many. Why don’t we talk about this instead of a million inane stories about Trump? It’s obviously a rhetorical question.


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