Poetry for Kids

So does anybody here have poetry recommendations for kids? Klara makes me read “‘Twas the night before Christmas” every night. Is there anything else like this because we almost have this whole poem memorized.

6 thoughts on “Poetry for Kids

  1. Shel Silverstein wrote several poetry books for children. The ones in my Elementary School Library are almost always signed out. My youngest son also asked for a few of them as gifts when he was a child, so he could have his own to keep. Jack Prelutsky is another author that is popular.

    A lot of picture books are in rhyming form as well, and are fun to recite. Margaret Wise Brown, Nick Bland, Aaron Blabey, Linley Dodd, Julia Donaldson, Pat Hutchins, Mem Fox, and many others I can’t think of right now are popular.

    Roald Dahl, A.A. Milne and Robert Lewis Stevenson also wrote some children’s poetry. Then there is always Dr. Seuss (or his other nom de plume – Theo LeSeig).


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