Wait, What?

Why are Saudis training at a military base in Pensacola to begin with? More importantly, why are there terrorist Saudis taking flying lessons at a US military base?

This gives a new dimension to the expression “slow learners.”

Clean Clothes

One of the most unexpected things that post-soviet people discover in the West is that you are supposed to wear different clothes every day. I came to class in the same outfit two days in a row in graduate school and people started asking me who my new boyfriend was. Took me forever to figure out what they were talking about.

I remembered this because I read an interview with an older Russian writer who went to the US to a conference and had the organizer start hinting that it’s not ok to wear the same clothes three days in a row.

It’s All About Me

And that’s actually the whole problem with Ocasio and Co. She has an important point to make about Republican hand-outs to the wealthy. Great, important point. But she has such an overpowering need to make everything about herself and feel like a victim in any situation that she buries the important lede among fake and ridiculous drama.

“I would have staaaarved!”

Yes, because we have so many starvation victims in this country.

“This little girl was meeee! I was fired for being preeegnant! My mother was a maaaid! My father was a poooostman! I’m such a veeeectim!”

Why not say honestly instead, “I’ve done great for myself. I’ve been fortunate. But many people aren’t. Let’s try to think about them for a moment.”

But no, all we hear is how she would have suffered in a completely unrealistic situation that never happened and could have never happened. Because her hypothetical discomfort is the true measure of everything.

It’s not malicious or evil but it’s so infantile that it’s scary.

Ocasio and EBT

From Ocasio’s tweet:

My family relied on food stamps (EBT) when my dad died at 48.

I was a student. If this happened then, we might’ve just starved.

Now, many people will.

It’s shameful how the GOP works overtime to create freebies for the rich while dissolving lifelines of those who need it most.

Totally agree with the last paragraph but the part about her family is confusing. The new work requirement for EBT is for non-disabled childless people under the age of 50 who haven’t found even a part-time job after 3 months. And her mother was obviously not childless.

I very sincerely don’t understand why it’s a bad idea to expect non-disabled, young, childless people to work in an economy with a 3,5% unemployment. What are they supposed to do all day if not work?

The tweet has been retweeted 50,000 times so far but it’s clearly idiotic.

Let’s Stop Pretending

Republicans who insist that there’s nothing wrong with Trump giving positions in the White House to Kushner and Ivanka are as pitiful and ridiculous as Democrats who keep stupidly insisting that there’s nothing wrong about Hunter Biden’s employment in Ukraine.

But Republicans don’t have a choice. They only have one candidate so they need to throw their lot with him. It’s still disgusting but understandable.

We do have a choice, though. As much as I don’t like Warren and Buttigieg, they haven’t done anything corrupt. Bernie, unfortunately, is coming close to that territory when he promises a clearly unqualified Ocasio a high-level job in the White House to appear in ads with him. It’s not corruption and “everybody does it” but it is a stain on an otherwise unblemished career of honest dealings. I’m not seeing much difference between this and the Kushner appointment or what Trump did in the famous phone call with Ukraine. Bernie hadn’t carried it through but neither did Trump with Ukraine.

What I’m saying is, let’s stop defending the indefensible and say what we all know to be true. Biden has done something very corrupt. I definitely prefer his healthcare plan to Warren’s but she’s not been corrupt. She and Bernie are the only real candidates here. Let’s concentrate on them.


And these are the people who constantly turn up their noses at Trump supporters for being blind and pathetic:

Now, what I would say about Hunter is that Burisma, the energy company that gave Hunter a seat on its board, did not get any favors from Biden or the Obama administration. It would have been better for Joe, better for Obama, and probably better for America had Hunter refused to trade on his father’s name for personal gain — but Hunter is also an adult, and there’s actually nothing Joe can do to prevent his son from doing that.

It’s incredible that an adult person who wants to be taken seriously writes this kind of crap. In a corrupt, weak, and lawless third-world country, being able to say to the government and any competitor, business interest or partner, “Hey, we’ve got the US Vice-president in the pocket” is everything. That’s why Burisma paid Hunter Biden. To be able to say that. And he sold his father’s name for a bribe from Burisma.

As for how Biden couldn’t do anything to stop it, gosh, if he is such a pathetic weakling that he can’t get his own son not to whore out his last name, he could have made a public statement about opposing this corrupt scheme.