It’s All About Me

And that’s actually the whole problem with Ocasio and Co. She has an important point to make about Republican hand-outs to the wealthy. Great, important point. But she has such an overpowering need to make everything about herself and feel like a victim in any situation that she buries the important lede among fake and ridiculous drama.

“I would have staaaarved!”

Yes, because we have so many starvation victims in this country.

“This little girl was meeee! I was fired for being preeegnant! My mother was a maaaid! My father was a poooostman! I’m such a veeeectim!”

Why not say honestly instead, “I’ve done great for myself. I’ve been fortunate. But many people aren’t. Let’s try to think about them for a moment.”

But no, all we hear is how she would have suffered in a completely unrealistic situation that never happened and could have never happened. Because her hypothetical discomfort is the true measure of everything.

It’s not malicious or evil but it’s so infantile that it’s scary.

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