Wait, What?

Why are Saudis training at a military base in Pensacola to begin with? More importantly, why are there terrorist Saudis taking flying lessons at a US military base?

This gives a new dimension to the expression “slow learners.”

4 thoughts on “Wait, What?”

  1. “Why are Saudis training at a military base in Pensacola to begin with? ”

    Economics, lady. For decades, the Saudis have bought many millions of dollars worth of military hardware (airplanes, combat land vehicles, etc.) from the U.S. government, and the U.S. keeps them buying by trying to train their mostly incompetent military personnel to actually use all that equipment.

    In the early Nineties, I was in charge of U. S. medical operations for Saudi Arabia at a so-called “joint military command” that pretended to train Saudi personnel while it oversaw the sale of tons of military equipment. U.S. Air Force pilots would tell me how they were scared to death when they told the Saudi trainee in the rear seat to demonstrate the maneuver what they’d just taught them, and heard Muslim prayers being recited through the aircraft intercom.

    There were no female U.S. military personnel assigned to that command (The Saudis wouldn’t allow any women of authority into their country), but I did manage to find a liberated Muslim girlfriend who liked to sneak over to my residence and cook delicious meals — her mother wouldn’t allow her to cook at home because “that was servant’s work.”


    1. “heard Muslim prayers being recited”
      “that was servant’s work.”

      Those two sentences sum up just about everything wrong with Saudi Arabia – conspicuous piety rather than taking care of business and avoiding work and wanting servants to take care them (massive infantilization).
      Any society that stigmatizes labor and wants a servant class is one that’s not going anywhere good.


  2. Here’s an old joke that may never have spread beyond U.S. troops in Saudi Arabia:

    A Frenchman, a German, and a Saudi were asked whether having sex with their wives was pleasure or work.

    The Frenchman: “Ah! Making love with Brigitte every night is the biggest blessing of my life.” The German: “Ach! Making love with Helga once a week is a effort, but I manage to do my duty. “The Saudi looked puzzled, and finally said, “Well, it must be pleasure. Otherwise, I’d pay somebody else to do it.”


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