Work as a Deity

I also love how couching something in terms of neoliberal productivity is supposed to immediately end all criticism. Emotional labor! Sex work!

The result is people turn into robots who create templates for text message exchanges with friends and can’t exist in any relationship without a detailed contract.

Ooh, it’s work! Let’s all prostrate ourselves in the presence of a deity.

“Sex Work” Is a Neoliberal Slogan

And this whole idea of “sex work,” gosh, even the expression is stupid. People think they are being progressive and even subversive with this pathetic neoliberal mantra that everything is a commodity.

It’s incredible how many of these pseudo-progressive slogans are dusty old neoliberal clich├ęs. “Markets in everything,” as the guru of neoliberalism Tyler Cowen always says. And woe be onto anybody who suggests that markets shouldn’t be in everything.

It’s gotten to the point where it’s considered progressive to applaud exploitation of extremely damaged people. Because the worst thing that can happen is that a consumer won’t be able to buy what he wants.

Cowen, at least, is honest about his ideology.

Pouty People

Everybody is discussing this article by yet another entitled person pouting at adulthood (aka a dominatrix whose letters of recommendation were rescinded).

I would have rescinded the letters, too. As I recently discovered, writing these letters is a lot of work. I’m not contractually obligated to write them and it’s an act of extreme good will and kindness if I do. I don’t owe them to anybody. If I feel like not wanting to be associated with somebody professionally for whatever reason, nobody can make me. Of course, I would have said no to this particular pouty primadonna long before she started harassing me with tales of her sex life.

I couldn’t even read the article to the end. Such pompous, self-pitying creatures are my class enemy. We need one more professional victim in academia like we all need a third leg and a pair of horns. I’m currently recommending two really, really great students – hopeful, curious, wonderful – for graduate school and it slaughters me that they might be passed up to make space for yet another pouty drama queen.

But yeah, if one of them suddenly went mad and started sharing his sex exploits with me and bitching about his hardships I’d totally rescind the letters. I don’t need to cringe in shame when colleagues ask me why I didn’t warn them I was sending somebody like this to their department. I’d also report him for sexual harassment sooner than you can say “creep.”

Creepy YA

It’s hard to find a group more unhinged than authors of the so-called “young adult lit.” Here is an example. Sarah Dessen, an author who writes inane commercial drivel with zero artistic value, got upset when an actual young woman (Dessen is almost 50, so even middle age is way behind her) said Dessen’s book are too primitive for college students. (And they absolutely are. A professor who assigns them in class is a hack).

Dessen and a crowd of her followers and YA colleagues started bullying the young woman. The creepiest thing is that one of the very mature YA authors started pretending that hers is a teenage voice silenced by a powerful adult when she’s actually a very grown lady trying to silence a reader.

These are creepy, creepy people.


My New York Times app, by the way, isn’t showing any opinion pieces on the terror attack and nothing on the opening page. There is a millionth piece on the mean, bad Brexit, and five articles on how some fussy rich person is shocked by something Trump did, and even a piece on “violence against gender-nonconforming people” filled with the same lies as these pieces always are.

I’m gathering there will be no protests either. If this were some fading starlet denied a job, that would be a different matter.

Saudi Terrorists

So it turns out that it wasn’t just one terrorist Saudi being taught to fly planes in Pensacola. There’s a whole bunch of them and they conspired to carry out the terror attack together.

We have invaded the completely unrelated Iraq over 9/11 and destroyed it. But training more US-hating crazed Saudi pilots on US soil totally makes sense.

I wish somebody got impeached over this shit.