Pouty People

Everybody is discussing this article by yet another entitled person pouting at adulthood (aka a dominatrix whose letters of recommendation were rescinded).

I would have rescinded the letters, too. As I recently discovered, writing these letters is a lot of work. I’m not contractually obligated to write them and it’s an act of extreme good will and kindness if I do. I don’t owe them to anybody. If I feel like not wanting to be associated with somebody professionally for whatever reason, nobody can make me. Of course, I would have said no to this particular pouty primadonna long before she started harassing me with tales of her sex life.

I couldn’t even read the article to the end. Such pompous, self-pitying creatures are my class enemy. We need one more professional victim in academia like we all need a third leg and a pair of horns. I’m currently recommending two really, really great students – hopeful, curious, wonderful – for graduate school and it slaughters me that they might be passed up to make space for yet another pouty drama queen.

But yeah, if one of them suddenly went mad and started sharing his sex exploits with me and bitching about his hardships I’d totally rescind the letters. I don’t need to cringe in shame when colleagues ask me why I didn’t warn them I was sending somebody like this to their department. I’d also report him for sexual harassment sooner than you can say “creep.”

3 thoughts on “Pouty People”

  1. Well – when I first read the piece I thought it was a dissertation director who rescinded the letters. I really, really would not do that & don’t know why I’d do it for this reason – it seems “Anne” was the one concerned and asking how this person was going to make rent. I also wouldn’t think of this as reflecting upon me or “ruining my reputation.”

    But “Anne” appears not to be even in field – but mainly just a friend, so I guess it is fine to rescind letters. The person I wouldn’t write for recently, I had a few reasons not to, but the main one was about what I’d call ethics. I pointed out the issue and the person has since fixed it but I still have some reservations about character at this moment; person feels we’re good friends, I know, but I only feel that we are friendly and COULD be good friends, although it takes me a long time to get to know people and claim them as a good friend like that.


    1. Recommendation letters from some friend in a different field would have zero impact on a job search. This is a fake drama of an entitled person who can’t get over an acquaintance not applauding her sexual preferences. It’s all completely infantile.


  2. The fact that it’s not the director makes a real difference – although I still wouldn’t be perturbed by the dominatrix thing. Do you think it really makes her unfit for academic work? (The person I want off the faculty is torture defender John Yoo.)


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