Saudi Terrorists

So it turns out that it wasn’t just one terrorist Saudi being taught to fly planes in Pensacola. There’s a whole bunch of them and they conspired to carry out the terror attack together.

We have invaded the completely unrelated Iraq over 9/11 and destroyed it. But training more US-hating crazed Saudi pilots on US soil totally makes sense.

I wish somebody got impeached over this shit.

13 thoughts on “Saudi Terrorists”

    1. They all should suffer the consequences of this. But nobody will because the public is utterly indifferent.

      It’s incredible to me that even NYTimes, with its emphasis on New York where 9/11 happened has nothing but the most bare-bones account of this.

      People are such sheep.


      1. “But nobody will because the public is utterly indifferent.”

        I think it is partly so since America, unlike Israel, has no draft and an army base sounds like a different world to civilians. Had NY citizens been killed, the public reaction would’ve been quite different.

        In Israel, soldiers are “our children” (which also may sometimes have a downside), in America – they are military personnel, far away somewhere in an exotic place with some foreigners, even if it’s right here geographically.


        1. There were 5,000 civilians killed in New York in 9/11. And Pensacola is not that exotic. Everybody knows and loves Pensacola.

          I’m hurt and stunned by this terror attack and it shocks me that nobody else cares.


          1. “Everybody knows and loves Pensacola”

            I wouldn’t say I…… love Pensacola. But yeah the attack was horrible and the US relationship is profoundly morally corrupt. But I understand that that is grounded in realpolitik (as repulsive as I find it).

            But the progressive/left reaction (or lack of reaction) is what disgusts me the most. They have no realpolitik fig leaf to hind behind and none of the reasons for their silence says anything good about them.


            1. All of the caring, hyper-sensitive, ultra-moral snowflakes can’t be bothered to notice.

              I’m waiting to see if my university will make a statement, at least.


              1. “can’t be bothered to notice”

                I think it’s more racism (some of the most rigid racists I’ve ever met were far leftists) they’re all about excusing bad behavior by groups of people they think are incapable of conforming to moral standards.


  1. “There’s a whole bunch of them and they conspired to carry out the terror attack together.”

    I cannot find it anywhere on the net. Six other Saudis were arrested and “three of them filmed the shooting as it happened,” but they didn’t kill anyone.

    The parts in blue in this article explain why nothing will change. A few quotes :

    // The Saudi personnel are ‘hand-picked’ by their military and often come from elite families

    Saudi Arabia, a major purchaser of U.S. arms, accounts for a massive portion of America’s spending on foreign military training.

    In the 2018 fiscal year, the U.S. trained 1,753 Saudi military members at an estimated cost of $120,903,786, according to DoD records.

    For fiscal year 2019, the State Department planned to train roughly 3,150 Saudis in the U.S. //


    1. It would be just as easy to send US personnel to train them on their military bases. Maybe Hunter Biden, the jack of all trades, should go.

      As for the Saudis, if they knew to show up and film, they are obviously involved.

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      1. I spent the day visiting my death row prisoner. His guess on why they don’t do the training in the country that buys the equipment is that they have simulators, training equipment in US that is hard to transport abroad. FWIW.


  2. Clarissa, I’m guessing people didn’t jump on “act of terror” because it looked too much like “another mass shooting” which followed the one at Pearl Harbor base three days earlier.

    But this is what’s going on right now:

    FBI Will Investigate Shooting At Pensacola Naval Base As Terrorism


    1. Is it true that Ron DeSantis has sky-high approvals especially among Hispanics?

      I thought he was a twerp.

      I need to get off Twitter but it’s between that and wrapping presents and I suck at wrapping.


      1. It’s amazing what you can do if you don’t look creepy and your persona isn’t constantly in your face jerkitude AND incompetence.

        I’m not surprised he’s more popular than Scott or Rubio.
        People are very forgiving. Gestures help. Plus of course, he takes positions popular with the Cuban diaspora here.


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