Violence in El Salvador

Here is a mostly reliable article on the violence in El Salvador. One thing, though, is stupid:

During [Nayib Bukele’s] first 150 days in office, the murder rate has dropped precipitously. The first seven months of 2019 were the least violent months in the last 15 years (except for 2013 and the 2012 gang truce). On July 31, not a single killing was recorded—only the eighth murder-free day in 19 years.

This is baloney. The authorities have come up with an inventive way of counting murders to pretend that the murder rate has been halved. But it’s completely fake.

It makes zero sense that murder rates would drop in a situation where absolutely nothing has changed.

Link of the Day: The Afghanistan Papers

The link of the day is unfortunately hidden behind the paywall in WashPo. It’s a very important article on how three administrations lied to us about the war in Afghanistan. Here are some screenshots:

The screenshots look weird because I’m pulling them from different Twitter accounts.

Remember all of the wailing and lying about the impending genocide of the Kurds when Trump withdrew a few soldiers from Syria? These same people who were so opposed to that are keeping us stuck in this quagmire of idiocy and corruption.