Great Surprise

Did you, folks, know that Google PlayStore has tons of books in Russian, all very cheap? I just bought the collected works by Chekhov for $0.37. Obviously, I have them in real book format but I can’t drag the whole 11 volumes with me everywhere.

This is super cool I just got my blog payment and I’m ready to transfer it straight to Google for the books.

Maybe I should start reading something other than Chekhov in Russian. I just saw a biography of Kandinsky for three bucks.

All of my father’s books are on there, by the way, including the Melkadriki, which are hilarious little stories about Soviet life. And even the play is on there.

I’m so psyched!

Great thanks go to reader el who started the chain of events that got me on there.

Chopped Liver

“We’ve got presents for everybody,” I exclaim in the midst of a packed store. “But what about me? Am I getting a present?”

“And you are chopped liver, Mommy!” Klara announces brightly.

Customers start contorting with uncontrollable laughter.

Yes, she picked it up from me but it’s still funny.

Don’t Assume

There is a big hullabaloo over some completely unknown person being denied tenure at Harvard. She is supposedly in my field but I had to Google her because I never came across this person’s name in any context. I’ve been in the field for 20 years, reading voraciously on many academic subjects, visiting tons of conferences, and publishing like a crazy bunny. But I have no idea who this is.

People immediately assume that racismsexism is to blame but this person is simply not of the tenured-at-Harvard stature.

Why Libraries Die

This is why college libraries are dying. A professor checked out more books than the library stuff thinks is appropriate and drama ensued:

Reakes said that the excessive amount of books that were checked out had led to hours of wasted staff time and confusion.

“Keeping track of that many books, along with the recalls by other patrons, became unwieldy,” said Reakes. “Both the patron and our circulation staff were wasting a lot of time searching for books that hadn’t ever been returned, etc.”

My favorite part is “wasted time.” Librarians’ time is wasted by keeping track of books. They could be curing cancer instead!

Of course, it’s all baloney because nobody “keeps track” of books manually. It’s all automated, and the system doesn’t care if books are distributed among 2 or 1,002 patrons and in which proportions.

But the pouty librarians will definitely see their jobs automated away soon.

UK Political Ads

The stupidest people in the world are political ad makers. I agree with the sentiment in the “Just Get It Done” video but… Why is it a good idea to present Brexit as something that white people do in secret from black people? Why is the woman in the video not sharing it with her husband? Why is the black husband so angry and threatening?

But yeah, guys, just get it over with one way or another. How did you ever manage to get an empire with this degree of indecisiveness?