Great Surprise

Did you, folks, know that Google PlayStore has tons of books in Russian, all very cheap? I just bought the collected works by Chekhov for $0.37. Obviously, I have them in real book format but I can’t drag the whole 11 volumes with me everywhere.

This is super cool I just got my blog payment and I’m ready to transfer it straight to Google for the books.

Maybe I should start reading something other than Chekhov in Russian. I just saw a biography of Kandinsky for three bucks.

All of my father’s books are on there, by the way, including the Melkadriki, which are hilarious little stories about Soviet life. And even the play is on there.

I’m so psyched!

Great thanks go to reader el who started the chain of events that got me on there.

4 thoughts on “Great Surprise”

  1. Regarding good books in Russian, I loved Наум Ним “Господи, сделай так.” It is about lives of 4 friends from FU childhood to the 90ies. It is also about Jews since the narrator is Jewish. Read it long ago, and that’s what I remember.

    It is interesting to read your developing reactions about ‘Dogs of Europe.’ When you said it was about inventing languages and sexual weird stuff rather than life in FSU, I was disappointed since those aren’t topics I am interested in. But now you have discovered something.

    “Only a quarter book in” 🙂 It would take more than 2 months for me to read such a thick book, unless it would be exceptional and make me glued. Than it would take one month probably.

    I am waiting for your final verdict. 🙂 Hope you can say a few words, when you (decide to) finish reading it.


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