Time Person of the Year

So who do you think it will be? My bet is on Ocasio. Or the whole silly trio of them.

8 thoughts on “Time Person of the Year”

  1. It would be imaginative if they made it ‘The Street Demonstrator’, given the number and variety of street demonstrations that have been occurring in the world this year.


    1. ‘The Street Demonstrator’

      Street demonstrators (as an effective part of political change) are part of the nation-state. Massive unprecedented street demonstrations across the world (Chile, Hong Kong, Iran, Iraq, France, probably missing something) have effectively changed nothing and there’s no sign that they will.

      The same goes for elections, there are hardly any issues that can be decided by elections in most EU countries because real decision making power has been transferred away from nation-state governments.


  2. Considering how much Time Magazine HATES Trump — and the mag really LOATHES him, as demonstrated by their numerous ridiculous “abstract modern art” depictions of his image on their covers — the Person of the Year will probably be…drumroll…”The Anonymous Whistleblower.”

    I do hope it’s the Climate Girl, though. 🙂


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