A Sad Present

Here’s a little present for the “babies in cages” crowd. They are well-meaning, kind people whose only fault is their extreme narcissism and tendency towards projection. But the results of their incapacity to accept that not everything in the world is about them are terrible.

The actual baby in the linked story would have definitely been better off separated from the father who used her as a ticket to the US and then rented her out to his pedophile friends.

Of course, it’s true that having stayed in Huehuetenango wouldn’t have brought the baby a lifetime of affirmative consent and bodily integrity. That’s because the culture that the raped baby is from has a very different concept of sex, body, and child. But that’s an idea that’s too hard for most people.

Before anybody starts chirping that this is an exceptional case that happens in any culture with equal frequency, I highly recommend the UN’s report on women and children.

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