In New Jersey

The anti-semitic act of terror at a kosher market in New Jersey was perpetrated by Black Hebrew Israelites who believe that blacks are real Jews while actual Jews are usurpers.

Now cue explanations on how the murders are a manifestation of “white nationalism” and “Trump is to blame.”

6 thoughts on “In New Jersey”

    1. Gosh, I’m happy, too. I’m tired of explaining how it’s possible that I’m Jewish and my father is Jewish. Drives me nuts that it’s not ok to question when somebody with a beard says “I’m a woman” but it’s ok to interrogate me on my ethnicity.

      This is a very good development.


        1. Exactly. Great link.

          We are even more complicated because we are also Orthodox Christians. With my Jewish father being the most observant. None of that made him any less Jewish because you just need to see him. I don’t look Jewish, I look like I’m from Siberia. And my daughter has the typical Russian beauty look. But my sister looks completely Jewish and the son she produced with her part-Jewish Peruvian Catholic husband looks completely semitic.


    2. “my discussion with cliff how being Jewish was my ethnicity, not religion”

      Well it’s not an idea that I came up with on my own…. though I’m not sure if Soviet style nationality laws are a good development….


      1. \ though I’m not sure if Soviet style nationality laws are a good development….

        It is not only Soviet.

        Israel sees as Jewish a person who practices Judaism OR a person born of Jewish mother who doesn’t practice another religion, so it’s a combination of religion and ethnic belonging.


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