Mrs Cheapskate

So my working class friend also completely outgifted me. I now feel like a total loser.

How much do people spend on these gifts? I mean, I’m a recent friend for them. And they seem to be going all out. Am I cheap? I always saw myself as a mega spendthrift but now I wonder.

5 thoughts on “Mrs Cheapskate”

  1. It’s cultural and I’m not sure what the culture is. I’m raised on the idea of small gifts, not going all out like that, and when I meet other people like this I recognize a certain ethos. It’s not about how much money you have, what you COULD do, it’s some type of philosophy


  2. “Am I cheap?”

    Nah, don’t strain your brain over this stunt.

    Your cunning friend deliberately gave you an overpriced gift to make you feel guilty. She’ll start emotionally blackmailing you any day now.


  3. I usually set a budget of $20-30 for very close friends — I’m more likely to get them more expensive items than that, but they get that means I skip other holidays until it matches what I usually get them (I went four years without giving one of my friends a present because I got her something really expensive one Christmas, and she helped enforce that — I think I made cookie dough instead). I budget less if I don’t know them well. This year even for close friends it’s drifting closer to $10 and cookie dough for the three of us.


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