UK Election

Whoever finds out something about the UK election, please let me know! I’ve been having dreams about Boris Johnson attacking me in a toilet at a wedding.

Somebody put me out of my misery and let me know already.

8 thoughts on “UK Election”

        1. I heard Corbyn is anti-Semitic, but how has he been horrible in other ways?

          \ Explicitly turning away from a large part of your base

          Which part? Did he court Muslim minorities, EU residents and identity crowd, while turning away from British working class?


          1. He’s a total wokie. He scares the labor part of the Labour voters. He has zero charisma and personal appeal, especially contrasted with Johnson who’s a lifelong ladies man. And yes, he’s a rabid anti-semite which modern Brits don’t really like. There’s literally not a single winning feature of his. He’s not a good speaker, he’s extremely out of touch, and he’s also very unattractive.


            1. When somebody is sick, say, in Russia or Ukraine and they are wealthy. Where would they go for healthcare? 85% Israel. 10% Germany. 5% the US.

              But I’ve never ever heard of anybody wanting to go get treated by the UK’s NHS. People sell their apartments to go treat a sick kid in Israel. But for anybody to go to any lengths to get treated in the UK, it sounds like joke.


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