It’s become very clear that the winning political recipe is moving towards worker rights and stronger welfare protections and away from the interests of big capital and from the cultural fads of the generationally affluent.

It shouldn’t be that hard. This position is logical, not contradictory, and historically grounded.

Instead we get weird contortions of billionaires proclaiming their love for the workers and 80-year-old lifelong socialists clumsily learning the language of spoiled rich Instagram influencers.


The post-election wailing is raging on Twitter:

Imagine having a passport that allows you to move freely between, live in and work in 28 countries, including many of the worlds most affluent, with excellent free health care and social services wherever you go & voting to tear that passport up and be stranded on an island.

Imagine that. Poor babies will be stranded on an island! Because nobody who doesn’t have an EU passport ever travels anybody.

It’s also really funny that rich people are so clueless they think moving freely, living and working in 28 countries is all about having the right passport. Totally reminds me of this trust fund kid who asked me, “Why do you never travel in summer? You don’t like traveling?”

Academic Publishers

I hate publishers. We are seeking copyright clearance for an image for my edited volume, and all the author’s estate wants is two copies of the book for the foundation and the archive. And the stupid publisher is refusing to promise two – not two hundred and two but just two! – copies of the book. Because it’s somehow not a good thing to get the book out to the foundation of a really important artist.

It’s a highly specialized volume so it’s not like we are planning to sell out and run short of copies.

These publishers are so myopic and stupid it hurts. And by the way, we didn’t hunt them down and beg them to publish us. They reached out to us and convinced us to publish with them so it’s not like we are some poor unwanted relative here.

It’s Not About Corbyn

Already people are starting to play the “it’s all about Corbyn” game that we already saw in 2016 when it was “all about Hillary.” Yes, Corbyn is a total loser of a candidate with an impotent campaign, and so was Hillary. But this isn’t about any particular individual. It’s about “ordinary people rebelling against the neo-aristocracy of the woke identitarian middle classes who have hijacked their party.

Even late yesterday afternoon there was a huge hashtagging effort on Twitter to promote the idea that Boris Johnson was going to lose his seat to some woke anti-semitic kid from Tehran. There’s this complete cluelessness as to what voters find appealing. Here in the US, one presidential candidate after another collapses under the weight of extreme wokesterism. And still nobody learns anything.

It’s not about any specific person. It’s simply that running around accusing everybody in sight of being a fascist and a -phobe of some kind repels everybody except for the tiny minority doing the running. And putting a stain on a heretofore unblemished long career in politics to support some woke drama queen who is into bestiality and thinks that women are genetically flawed is an insane thing to do.

It should be a simple thing to do. Stop constantly saying how much you despise the gigantic majority of the non-woke, and you’ll be fine. There’s still time before 2020 but it’s running out fast.