It’s become very clear that the winning political recipe is moving towards worker rights and stronger welfare protections and away from the interests of big capital and from the cultural fads of the generationally affluent.

It shouldn’t be that hard. This position is logical, not contradictory, and historically grounded.

Instead we get weird contortions of billionaires proclaiming their love for the workers and 80-year-old lifelong socialists clumsily learning the language of spoiled rich Instagram influencers.

One thought on “Recipe”

  1. This was exactly what the Labour manifesto promised – workers’ rights and less neoliberalism. This is also what the SNP manifesto promised, and they took nearly all seats in Scotland.

    The thing is that Nicola Sturgeon and the SNP could promise that on the basis of eventual independence from the UK, while Corbyn’s anti-neoliberalism and big-state social welfare programme in effect also depend on leaving the EU and its neoliberal regulation of national states (a position he’s held for most if not all of his career). Labour’s catering to Remain voters left them undecided on this crucial point and the UK chose clarity on Brexit instead (and with that even more neoliberal right-wing clownery).


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