Cultural Imperialism

Young Russian ballerinas are bullied by an American narcissist. Which is a tautology if there ever was one. Here’s a link to this fascinating story.

I don’t have much to add to the great piece at the link other than how pathetic it is that these wokesters can’t even leave other countries in peace with their inane bleating about imaginary slights.

2 thoughts on “Cultural Imperialism”

  1. ” bullied by an American narcissist”

    There are two separate issues here, one is the new religion of anti-racism (not to be confused with ordinary people not doing racist things) and the other is narcissism (everybody in the world has to care about things that upset ME!!!!!).

    The American in question is a performer and those are almost never very mentally healthy so it’s hard to disentangle the personal narcissism (often needed for performers to reach greatness) and general American cultural narcissism (everybody has to follow rules we invented 5 minutes ago and if you don’t then you’re awful people).

    The optimum public response to the American dancer’s complaints is silence, trying to engage is just going to add fuel to the fire, but then Russian culture also tends toward the narcissistic as well so maybe letting both sides wallow in their own self-righteousness is the answer.


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