Missing Movies

For the first time in forever, there are actually several movies I want to see. And I never want to see movies. But I’m leaving the country tomorrow and won’t be in a position to see anything but Frozen 2.

Is it me or is there really an unusual appearance of watchable movies at the moment?

4 thoughts on “Missing Movies”

  1. The two things people (other than the Cuban ICE prisoners I translate for, who say different things) complain about in Cuba the most to me are poverty and the poor state of repair of Havana. There I’d say ES is the same or worse, as you’ll note if you’ve been there. But people are trying to get out of both places, so I’m not really sure trying to figure out which is a worse place to live is entirely worthwhile.


  2. The best movies always come out in November and December. This is because of the way that the Oscar nominations work, all movies that are released theatrically in a single calendar year are eligible to be nominated. The studios want to win Oscars and worry that if they release a movie with Oscar potential too early in the year it will be forgotten by the time the nomination period rolls around. If you like the sorts of movies that get nominated for Oscars, there are always tons of interesting things at the end of the year.


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