Of course, nobody went to watch Richard Jewell. Who needs to buy movie tickets when the FBI and the CNN perform a much more contemporary and shameless version of the plot every day for free?

The Shining Path of Diversity Apparatchiks

Did you, folks, know that Abimael Guzm├ín, the founder of the Shining Path in Peru, was an equivalent of today’s chief diversity officer? He was in charge of persecuting the professors who weren’t woke enough at his school. Yes, back in 1967 in Ayacucho.

I didn’t know this but I always knew something bugged me about this guy more than even any regular terrorist.

Link from The Atlantic

Here’s a not horrible feature on Tucker in The Atlantic. I know, I know but they have been doing better recently. The article has one of my favorite stories of when the wokester idiots projected their own deeply hidden views on Tucker when they started to accuse him of being a Nazi for noticing that littering is a huge problem in the third world and accompanies many immigrants when they come here. I’m one of such immigrants, and I have to recognize that it’s, sadly, true. We litter like a total bastard, and it’s 100% because we are not from here. Why it’s a big deal to point this out is a mystery.

But the wokester crowd immediately went, “all immigrants are ‘brown’! That means he said all ‘brown people’ are dirty! Because they are ‘brown’! Nazi!!!” It would be funny if it didn’t make it so clearly what the wokesters actually think about the non-existent category of “brown people.”