More on the Bolshoi Drama

And here is another entitled American who thinks the whole world should live according to the mandates of his fussy obsessions.


The worst FB pages are the academic ones. The worst. No matter what is being discussed, three comments in an adjunct pipes up in a tone of outraged dignity to remind everybody that some people are stuck in adjuncting hell and never managed to get a tenure-track job. At this point, everybody starts virtue-signaling about how much they feel the horrible pain of adjuncts, and the discussion dies.

This kind of thing never happens on parenting or recipe-swapping or relationship or any other kind of pages. I’ve never seen anybody hector people on parenting pages about how some folks have been frustrated in their desire for a child, so how dare you, lucky bastards, post photos of your five cute kids. On recipe-swapping pages nobody reminds the participants that some people have diseases that prevent them from eating what the proud cooks are posting.

As upsetting as it is not to get the job you think you deserve, it’s obviously more painful to be frustrated in the child-bearing department or to have a serious illness. But the barren and the sick are not self-righteous killjoys. I’m supposed to be the mother of two but would it ever occur to me to haunt the pages of those who have been more fortunate and try to guilt-trip them over their several kids? Clearly not.