Foot in Mouth Biden

Oh, and it also looks like Biden decided it was a great idea to insult the only constituency that was giving him an electoral advantage. It’s like this guy can’t think of a single idiotic move that he doesn’t want to make.

P.S. For those who are living in a hut deep in the forest, I’m obviously talking about African Americans.

Go, Bernie!

OMG, I heard there was a huge scandal at the debate. Bernie disagreed with St Obama and used a bad word. No, not that one. A much worse one. He said he’s white, and forgot to mention how ashamed and horrified he was by the terrible offense he’s committing by existing.

I knew he had to be getting fed up with the company of virtue-signaling 20-year-old drama queens. It had to burst through at some point.


I have a weird brain, folks. Here in Canada I’m on childcare duty all day long. It takes Klara a long time to get used to a new place, so she’s tantruming like never before. She’s waking me up several times a night. I’m exhausted. Kids are running around screaming. We are a family of Ukrainians, South Americans, and Jews, so everybody is a very loud, dramatic person.

But I’m getting a lot more work done here amidst the endless piercing screams of, “Aunt Ullah! Klara doesn’t want to play ninja warriors! Mommy! He says I’m Anna but I’m Elsa! Mommy! I want milk! No, soup! No, pasta! Aunt Ullah, I want pasta! No, Mommy, don’t give him pasta, he’s mean! You are mean! No, you are mean! I don’t love you! Aunt Ullah, she says she doesn’t love me!” than I do at home in a quiet, undisturbed environment. Yesterday, we were in the car for a total of three hours, shuttling kids around. Klara isn’t used to being in a car for long, so she was eating my brain out with a teaspoon. But I somehow wrote 500 words and read a whole book. If I worked like this at home, I’d be a mega star.

It’s weird. I’m weird.

Diverse Hockey

Oh, this is simply stupid. Hispanic people won’t watch hockey no matter how many token Hispanic players you squeeze into teams. Even soccer isn’t growing in North America that much because Hispanic immigrants, and even their children, are attached to their home teams anyway. I’m currently staying at the house of one such guy, and he’s all about the home team.

That’s what “changing demographics” means, I assume? Hispanic people? The African American population isn’t growing dramatically.

I hate these euphemisms. If you want to say “Hispanic,” just say it. It’s not a bad word.