Language Fads

I really really hate this currently fashionable expression “living your / his / their best life.”

It’s very annoying.

Paradise for Literature Lovers

The Las Américas bookstore in Montreal is absolutely the best Spanish bookstore on the continent. Normally, Hispanic bookstores cater to immigrants, so they sell bestsellers in translation, romance crap, recipe books, evangelical stuff, and self-help books. None of which I need. But Las Américas has all the newest releases in actual literature. Super expensive but totally worth it.

It seems like there’s an explosion in Cuban literature, so I bought five books by Cubans and one Colombian.

Still Reading

I’m still reading Surveillance Capitalism, by the way, and I’m only at 50%. Of course, there’s a gigantic bibliography and many footnotes, so I’ve read a lot more than a half but it’s going very slowly.

The book is so overwhelming that I have to sit and think after each couple of sentences. Zuboff includes so many quotes from corporate behavior modificators, and the things they say are so naked in their contempt for human beings, that it all takes a long time to process.

Nudniks and Surveillance Capitalism

This is fascinating:

Sellers’ growing usage of Big Data and predictive analytics allows them to identify specific consumers as potential nudniks and avoid selling to or disarm them before they can draw attention to sellers’ misconduct. The Article therefore captures an understudied problem with Big Data tools: sellers can use these tools to shield themselves from market accountability.

Of course, this is temporary. The next stage is to modify nudniks and make them more compliant by rewiring their brains. Which is extremely easy to do.