I simply feel happier on the days when I write. And by write I obviously mean writing my research papers and books. That’s why I do it even on vacation.

Here’s a great post by Jonathan that inspires me. I keep re-reading it because it makes me feel good.

2 thoughts on “Happier”

  1. Thanks! I feel happier too. It is a mistake to think taking a day off will be relaxing, when really it just alienates me from what I want to be doing.


  2. True. Because days off imply that when you’re on you’re doing stuff you don’t actually enjoy, which, granted, applies to most jobs. I’m happiest when I’m productive, either with work or with creative writing. Vegging out (reading, watching shows/movies) seems necessary to replenish the creative well, but doesn’t make me as happy as finishing a new story or making a breakthrough in a research problem.


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