Language Fads

I really really hate this currently fashionable expression “living your / his / their best life.”

It’s very annoying.

3 thoughts on “Language Fads”

  1. Mark Zuckerbot:

    What would you do if someone presented you with irrefutable evidence that Facebook is bad for the world?

    Here is what I can assure you: if you think Facebook is a force for Facebook, you will be curated offline and our friends will help you remove bad speech from your preferences….

    What’s your favorite thing about Pete Buttigieg?

    He is basically a walking mop for political discourse. When he comes home, you can be confident that you have about one hundred seconds to share some thoughts on governments, or you simply will get blocked.


  2. Jewish life in France seems to be coming to a close:

    Leave for Israel, Fremch educators tell students

    On the phone posting quotes is very hard, but there are interesting ones, like “we do not take our students out since they throw stones at them” and “had to deal with a stabbing of a student.”


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