Frozen 2

I’ve entered the season of life when people go to the theater to watch kids’ movies. We watched Frozen 2 today, and I discovered I’ve been mispronouncing “Anna” because I never watched part 1.

The musical numbers in part 2 are great. The graphics is great. The scary moments are great. The romantic moments are great. The funny moments are fine. If it weren’t for the inane wokesterism that takes up 100% of the plot, the movie would be perfect.

The problem with this kind of entertainment is that kids use fairy-tales and imaginative play to work out their inner conflicts. Which is why fairy tales use archetypes. In today’s Disney, though, the archetypes have been sacrificed to the utterly inane ideological messaging.

Very nice musical numbers, though.


The NYTimes is still defending its ridiculous “1619 project” even when every historian under the sun is telling them it’s deeply ignorant.

But scholars are only valued when we parrot the ideological agenda. Once it turns out that scholarship doesn’t support the talking points of illiterate Twitter stars, scholars can go get stuffed.


Everybody says college cost a lot less 40 years ago than it does now. But were students babied and catered to like they are now? We provide textbooks, we provide milk, we provide anxiety treatments, we provide special accommodations for every ‘condition,’ we provide individual mentorship on top of individual advisement, we provide endless remediation, we expect zero knowledge, zero perseverance, zero resilience, zero capacity to deal with criticism. We provide technology and space for people who like soccer to watch the World Cup because we are worried they will be sad if we don’t.

Even 20 years ago, when I was an undergrad, it never occurred to anybody to treat us like fragile, precious glass bowls. And even then, my tuition bill was 40% tuition and 60% student services that I never used.

I would absolutely prefer it if we could ditch all the frills, all the counseling, mentorship, hand-holding, pedagogical workshops, all the efforts to make things as easy as it’s humanly possible, all the Humanities courses that require zero writing because that’s too hard, all the gadgets that we need because we have to entertain all the time, etc. I’d love to do things like they were done half a century ago. And charge one tenth than we charge now.

But right now, when we compare the cheap education then to the expensive education now, that’s a dumb comparison. It’s not even apples and oranges. It’s apples and geodesic equipment.

Keep Pretending

China is set to add new coal-fired power plants equivalent to the EU’s entire capacity, as the world’s biggest energy consumer ignores global pressure to rein in carbon emissions in its bid to boost a slowing economy. Across the country, 148GW of coal-fired plants are either being built or are about to begin construction, according to a report from Global Energy Monitor, a non-profit group that monitors coal stations. The current capacity of the entire EU coal fleet is 149GW.

Now let’s watch every wailing “climate activist” studiously avoid noticing this fact of objective reality.