Happy to Be Middle-Aged

I’m soooo happy to be past 40 after reading this:

We are witnessing a phenomenon which, as best as anyone can tell, is totally unprecedented in all of human history: an epidemic of chronic erectile dysfunction (ED) among men under 40. The evidence is earth-shattering: since the Kinsey report in the 1940s, studies have found roughly the same, stable rates of chronic ED: less than 1 percent among men younger than 30, less than 3 percent in men aged 30-45.

As of this writing, at least ten studies published since 2010 report a tremendous rise in ED. Rates of ED among men under 40 ranged from 14 percent to 37 percent, and rates of low libido from 16 percent to 37 percent.

Want to find out what causes this? Read the long article at the link.

I’m a happily married middle-aged lady, so I have no idea about any of this but the article creeped me out.

Christmas Gifts

For Christmas, I got makeup, makeup brushes, makeup remover, and a gift certificate to Sephora.

I’m spending Christmas at the house of a great makeup enthusiast.

I also got a purple notebook. People always think I don’t need any more notebooks because I already have a lot. Apparently, the concept of collecting isn’t easily associated with me. Or with notebooks. But finally I got a notebook.

I will now watch makeup tutorials on YouTube and write down notes in my notebook.