Empty Calories

When I first came to the US a friend took me to Time Square and showed me you can shout “F Obama” at the top of your lungs and no one would bat an eye, not even the cops.

It was a powerful moment, I admit. But now I look back at it as the “empty calories” of free speech.

— Amjad Masad (@amasad) December 26, 2019

Tell that to a bunch of 16- and 18-year-old boys in Russia who shared an anti-Putin meme online. They were arrested, tortured, raped, forced to confess that they were planning to start a military uprising against the regime, and given decade-long jail sentences.

We are never going to experience what those Russian boys did but we will train ourselves to shut up and be obedient little puppies without any threat of physical coercion. That’s the whole purpose of this pouting about the “useless free speech.” People are training themselves to think freedom of speech doesn’t matter so that it will be easier to give it up.