This Won’t Change

AT&T is poised to send thousands into the new year hunting for new jobs after assigning them to train their own foreign replacements, according to conversations with current and former workers and documents obtained by Axios. Many have worked for the company for over a decade. They aren’t being offered severance or early retirement, and may not easily find a comparable job elsewhere with similar pay.

This, and not the idiotic bloviating about ‘fascism,’ can defeat Trump. But no candidate will mention it because… Well, we all know why.

All of the partisan bickering we are shown is a sham. It doesn’t matter who you vote for. This was happening under Bush, Obama, Trump. Vote, don’t vote, it will still happen. These workers will be humiliated and replaced. But by all means, let’s go denounce more imaginary Nazis. That’s totally going to help.

While Watching TV

We are watching Better Call Saul (which, I believe, is the best series in the last five years, and that’s saying a lot because TV’s been amazing), and there’s a story line where a completely incompetent therapist treats a somewhat serious mental illness with behavioral therapy. Which, predictably, causes the patient’s death.

The problem with behavioral therapy isn’t just that it doesn’t work for anything more serious than nail-biting or normal childhood behavior issues. It is actually dangerous for people with even mild mental issues.

It’s a lot easier to get quality psychological help in second and third-world countries. The richer a country, the less knowledgeable people are about even the basic psychological hygiene or what kind of therapies exist and the differences between them. All they know is that the choice is between “willpower” and pills. Or quackery like the “therapist” in this TV show.