Movie Notes: It’s a Wonderful Life

The movie resolution of 2020 is off to a good start. I did not hate this movie at all and didn’t have to make myself finish it. I genuinely wanted to keep watching. The story still feels relatable, which is unusual for such an old movie. You’ve got to be a robot not to share at least some of George’s feelings sometimes. I think the movie is so popular because most people can relate to what the character experiences.

My favorite character was the blonde “loose woman.” She’s very beautiful and the best actress in terms of skill in the whole movie.

I’m thinking Midnight Cowboy for the next movie choice. What do you, folks, think? Good idea or not?

Weird Salads

Another fascinating thing from It’s a Wonderful Life that I discovered at the 17-minute mark is that these horrible restaurant-type “salads” that consist of a ton of carelessly torn lettuce leaves, two chunks of tomato and nothing else already existed in the 1940s! And people ate them at home!

I always wondered about the origin of these bizarre concoctions. Does anybody even really eat them?