What does this even mean?

The Sami are the only indigenous people in the EU and some of their languages are on the brink of extinction.

Sara Wesslin is one of only two journalists in the world broadcasting in Skolt Sami

You could probably claim that Spaniards are not indigenous to Europe because they mixed with Muslims “too much” (which is not an argument I support, obviously) but how are Germans or Belgians or whoever else less indigenous to Europe than the Sami?

The tweet is by the BBC.


Anti-Zelensky Ukrainians are just as unhinged as anti-Trumpers in the US. Everything the guy does, no matter how trivial or innocent provokes the most insane interpretations. Today I read an article about Zelensky’s New Year speech, and it was utterly ridiculous. I didn’t watch the speech because I don’t enjoy looking at the guy but I’m pretty certain he didn’t promise to hand Ukraine over to Putin immediately.

I prefer Americans to Canadians because they are intense, just like we are intense in Ukraine. But there is a point after which intensity gets ridiculous.

Reclaiming the Nation-State

Thomas Fazi is a socialist journalist whose latest book Reclaiming the State makes a progressive (in a good sense of the word) case for national sovereignty.

Here is a couple of quotes from his Twitter (and gosh, it’s such a shame that younger journalists force people to sift through trash heaps of Twitter to find what they’re saying):

The woke left likes to vilify the nation-state, but all the major social, economic and political advancements of the past centuries were achieved through the institutions of the democratic nation-state, not through international, multilateral or supranational institutions.
Furthermore, modern concepts of nat. identity are incredibly “progressive”, based as they are on transcending individual particularities – sex, race, biology, religion, etc. – to create cultural-political identities based on participation, equality, citizenship, representation.
For woke leftists to raise the spectre of “whiteness” whenever the topic of national identity is mentioned is simply a testament to their ignorance. Modern national identities have nothing to do with biology and are indeed extraordinarily inclusive and “open”.

None of this is new. This stuff has been discussed by every major thinker for three decades. But nobody knows about them. Instead, everybody has heard the dumb-as-doorknobs Ocasios of this world screech “it’s fascusmuhhh.”

Fazi tweets at @battleforeurope and I highly recommend the whole thread.