To Know Why

And what really gets to me is that we go to grad school to learn about this stuff, and we learn nothing. All we ever hear is “colonialism and the US” version.

I mean, if you think living in the US sphere of interest is harsh, try being in Russia’s. Do you know what the Belarusians have gone through? Those poor buggers just can’t catch a break. They don’t have a single person unaffected by Chernobyl. They are living under a totalitarian regime right now. Russians are colonizing them all over again right now. And none of it led anywhere like the place the comparatives peaceful and democratic Mexico is today.

We are supposed to be experts on this stuff but we know dick. Why is it? It shouldn’t be that hard to figure at least some of it out. It kills me to see what’s happening in Mexico. I don’t even want to know what’s happening any more.

But I want to know why.

Why Are They Such a Mess?

The question that nobody even tries to ask, let alone answer, is, why is Latin America such a mess? Why is it such a terrible, ridiculous mess no matter what else happens?

Look at Mexico. It obviously had things gigantically better than we did in Ukraine throughout the twentieth century (and don’t even start me on the nineteenth). They had a stable (if deficient) democracy, no totalitarian regime, no brutal dictatorship, no world wars, Holodomors, or Holocausts on its territory. Their economy wasn’t completely wiped out a couple of decades ago. They haven’t had 3 successive currency changes and an inflation of 1,500% within a year in very recent memory. Nobody invaded in a century and a half. Nobody bombed out entire cities three minutes ago. Or ever.

And historically? We’ve had colonialism, we’ve had genocide, fuck, we’ve had slavery until 1864. What do they have on us in the victimhood catalogue? Cannibalism? Well, theirs was in the 1400s, not in living memory.

So why, in the name of the ever-lasting fuck, is Mexico such a mess today? The kind of violence they are having right now, we can’t imagine that shit in Ukraine. The femicide, the cartels, we don’t have that. We have a ton of problems but they are infantile compared to this shit.

OK, forget Mexico and Ukraine. What about El Salvador? They had a civil war, well, cry me a fucking river, and who didn’t? Spain had a civil war of the kind where it was the Luftwaffe vs the Soviet fighter pilots. Yes, their civil war was shorter, but they had a fascist dictatorship complete with concentration camps right after. And so what? Where are the gangs formed by Spanish exiles with the motto, “rape, torture, and kill”? Where are Spain’s highest homicide rates on Earth? The idea is ludicrous.

Or Cuba. Yes, they are poor. But many places are poor, yet in those places poverty doesn’t translate into the entire population of the country aggressively prostituting itself and every child in sight all day and every day. We’ve had their kind of poverty in 1990 but the wholesale male prostitution of Cuba wasn’t even remotely happening.

It’s not a rhetorical question. I have no idea what the answer is. When you see countries like Mexico or Venezuela just completely collapse for absolutely no reason and descend into insane levels of violence and ridiculousness over nothing, you’ve got to wonder.

But nobody seems to be wondering. It’s always the lazy, idiotic answers of “it’s colonialism” or “it’s the US.” What is it really, though?

A Pleasant Reality

Yesterday, Canada’s junior hockey team defeated Russia and won World Juniors gold. Look it up, it’s all online.

Now, this is something that would low the Russians’ morale, so the Russian government found an easy solution. Instead of the real game that took place yesterday, Russian media showed a game from several years ago when Russia did win and told the viewers it was yesterday’s game. Yay, we won gold again, let’s celebrate! Everybody is still drunk from the traditionally long New Year’s celebration to notice anyway.

Language Questions

It looks like Julian Castro’s English is even worse than his Spanish:

Today I’m proud to endorse @ewarren for president.

Elizabeth and I share a vision of America where everyone counts. An America where people⁠—not the wealthy or well-connected⁠—are put first. I’m proud to join her in the fight for big, structural change.

— Julián Castro (@JulianCastro) January 6, 2020

The wealthy and the well-connected are also people. Like the very wealthy and well-connected Warren and Castro.

I also have a question for the “are put first” part. Who will be doing the putting first? The wealthy and the well-connected? Or the poor and the isolated?

Of course, it’s not like we can expect much from a fellow who thinks transwomen need abortions but still.

Better Reviewers

Ten years ago, all of the recommendations I got from the reviewers of my articles were stupid, meaningless, and indicative of the reviewers’ incapacity to understand the depth of my genius.

These days, all the comments I get are helpful, meaningful, and imbued with a sincere desire to help me make the articles even better.

It’s funny how much the reviewers have grown and improved in the past decade.