Movie Notes: Marriage Story

First of all, why is the female protagonist (who’s supposed to be a successful actress) so hideous, with such ugly hair and street lady wardrobe? That was so bizarre.

Also, an 8-year-old child of very educated, successful parents who can’t spell “Lego” and has the whole family constantly discuss whether he peed or pooped is weird.

Setting that aside, it’s a good movie. The female protagonist is the kind of horrible, vicious, disgusting, evil, and did I say HORRIBLE? person I hate. (For those who don’t know, I was married before and it was the same story but without the child). So it’s very realistic.

I haven’t read any reviews but I suspect there might be some clueless viewers who will see the movie as a story of female liberation or whatever. But I don’t think that the logic of the movie leads in that direction. There must be a reason why the female lead is made to look so ugly. I Googled the actress, and she’s normally very pretty. They must have had to work very hard to give her the hideous hair in the film. Also, her musical number in the movie is silly, trivial, and somewhat embarrassing, while the male lead gets a really powerful, deeply emotional musical number.

So yeah. Has anybody here seen it? It’s a good movie.