Yes, Boeing 737 has had issues. Although this is an 737-800, which didn’t previously have any trouble, as far as I can remember.

But a Ukrainian airplane? In Iran? A country that pretty much belongs to Russia? Right at the moment that Russia is more active there than ever?

Who Really Suffered in Iran

And who ends up suffering in all the ridiculous Iran brouhaha?

A bunch of Ukrainians, obviously.

Iranian state TV is reporting a Ukrainian airplane carrying 180 passengers and crew has crashed near an airport in the capital, Tehran. There is no immediate word on injures.

The state TV report says the crash Wednesday morning is suspected to have been caused by mechanical issues.

It’s always like this for Ukraine. Plus, Brent is already at $70, and we all know who will be the biggest loser of that development.

TDSing Away

I went to the Twitter of Elizabeth George, the author of my favorite mystery series. She hasn’t released a novel since early 2018, and I was curious if there was a new installment in the series coming soon. The author’s Twitter handle is @lynleymysteries, after the protagonist of the series. So I’m not completely misguided in accessing this Twitter account to find out about… guess what?… yes, Lynley mysteries.

Instead, the Twitter account is 100% Trump. Trump, Trump, Trump, thump, thump, thump. I scrolled through as much Trump as I could handle in search of anything relating to books or reading but no luck. This is a person who has something special to give to the world. Her books, while not high art, are wildly entertaining. But instead, she keeps repeating the utterly inane political point that’s already been made a million times.

And before you say, well, what do you expect from Twitter?, this was my last resort. I went to the official website and googled for recent interviews first.

Why Celebrities Shouldn’t Opine on Politics

I believe it’s completely immoral and utterly disgusting for Hollywood celebrities to express political opinions in public because they are completely immune from any consequences of politics. These are the only people who are not in any way touched by politics. The only motivation for their pseudo-political activism is self-promotion.

Politicians at least have their future chances at reelection at stake. But these idiotic mannequins have nothing at stake. Nothing. Why anybody puts up with their endless editorializing is a mystery.

Movie Notes: Marriage Story

First of all, why is the female protagonist (who’s supposed to be a successful actress) so hideous, with such ugly hair and street lady wardrobe? That was so bizarre.

Also, an 8-year-old child of very educated, successful parents who can’t spell “Lego” and has the whole family constantly discuss whether he peed or pooped is weird.

Setting that aside, it’s a good movie. The female protagonist is the kind of horrible, vicious, disgusting, evil, and did I say HORRIBLE? person I hate. (For those who don’t know, I was married before and it was the same story but without the child). So it’s very realistic.

I haven’t read any reviews but I suspect there might be some clueless viewers who will see the movie as a story of female liberation or whatever. But I don’t think that the logic of the movie leads in that direction. There must be a reason why the female lead is made to look so ugly. I Googled the actress, and she’s normally very pretty. They must have had to work very hard to give her the hideous hair in the film. Also, her musical number in the movie is silly, trivial, and somewhat embarrassing, while the male lead gets a really powerful, deeply emotional musical number.

So yeah. Has anybody here seen it? It’s a good movie.

Good Student

University of Leeds must be suffering a huge shortage in PhD candidates because look who they managed to attract to their doctoral program:

A man convicted of 159 sex offences, including 136 rapes, will “never be safe to be released”, a judge has said.

Reynhard Sinaga was found guilty of luring 48 men from outside Manchester clubs to his flat, where he drugged and assaulted them – filming the attacks.

Police say they have evidence Sinaga, 36, who is being named for the first time, targeted at least 190 victims.

The Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) said Sinaga was “the most prolific rapist in British legal history”.

The judge ruled his life sentence must include a minimum of 30 years in jail.

And now for something really cute. Can you guess the topic of the rapist’s dissertation?

Sexuality and everyday transnationalism among South Asian gay and bisexual men in Manchester.”

How could a British university ever pass up on the author of such an important research project?

At the trial, the rapist blamed “internalized homophobia” for the victims’ saying they never wanted to get raped. Both this and the dissertation title makes it clear that he was a great learner. Let’s see how fast he discovers he’s really a woman and needs to go to a female jail.