Programs to Be Eliminated

Somebody posted this on FB from their college’s beginning of semester meeting:

Not to deny the responsibility of the people in the Spanish program who, I’m sure, did everything they could to make themselves as irrelevant as possible to students, but it’s interesting how there is never any conflict between the wokesterism of administrations and a substitution of Spanish with criminology.

As to how we make ourselves irrelevant, I was yesterday at the award ceremony honoring the best research of the year in an association of feminist scholars of French. French is obviously a dying discipline in the US. Do you want to know what people in this dying field consider their most important research? An article on the use of “inclusive pronouns” and the urgent need to export them to France. Strangely, nobody spoke of the need to import gender inclusivity to Marocco or suggested that France is not the most sexist country in the French-speaking world. Can you imagine attracting students to a program whose crowning achievement is the invention of the French version of inclusive pronouns like “zie”?

We are totally to blame and we should be honest about that. We teach language using overpriced, stupid textbooks that students hate. We make the most fascinating cultures in the world sound deathly boring. We champion the very slogans that will kill our programs. And we cheer wildly for everything global and transnational, refusing to see that the existence of academic programs in national languages was a result of the creation of nation-states in the 19th century. Once that becomes irrelevant, we become irrelevant.

This is going into my book on transnationalism but worded in academese, obviously.

17 thoughts on “Programs to Be Eliminated”

  1. “article on the use of “inclusive pronouns” and the urgent need to export them to France”

    The irony is that university progressives supposedly abhor the projection of American power through military and economic and popular culture means…. yet are incredibly eager to project American pseudo-intellectual power.

    “We make the most fascinating cultures in the world sound deathly boring”

    It’s the crab in the bucket scenario (with a twist). People who love dwelling in other cultures use their jobs in education to try to prevent others from becoming interested in said cultures.

    “overpriced, stupid textbooks that students hate”

    And that are mostly useless. They primarily teach you how to move on to the next overpriced, stupid textbook in the series. Textbooks have a place but textbook publishers (and complicit and lazy teachers) vastly over-estimate how useful or necessary they are past year one (for Spanish or other western languages) or year two (for less accessible languages).

    “academic programs in national languages was a result of the creation of nation-states in the 19th century. Once that becomes irrelevant, we become irrelevant”

    Very true. This is still a ways off in Poland but has already started in parts of Western Europe where universities have set off down the path of making paid international programs in English the backbone of university systems (instead of programs in national languages for citizens). They generate money for the university but the graduates are often unemployable in the country because they don’t know the local language or culture (and I suspect many of them don’t actually…. learn. very. mutchhhhh.


    1. You should see how antsy people get when I say that this is cultural imperialism.

      As for textbooks, at least at my school we don’t make students pay for them. If we did, I’d absolutely refuse to have them anywhere near my courses. I think it’s immoral to make students pay ridiculous prices for this useless crap. And “the online component”! I so hate it.


    2. Just look at how we teach about Spain. It’s colonialist, evil, racist, stupid, etc. And then we are stunned that students are indifferent to the cultural products of such an idiotic, messed up place. I’m trying to start teaching differently but it’s stunning how deep the wokesterism is even in me. It’s like a bone infection.


      1. I thought Spain was only taught that way by semi educated and resentful high school teachers. I understand where this discourse comes from, actually, it’s from having read watered-down versions of Nuestra América / similar Lat. Am. nation building texts in elem. school while singing patriotic songs with jingoistic teachers, and it’s from being in families where the light skinned one got all the cookies because of looking “pure Castilian,” etc., etc., and all of this really is difficult to counter at the university level because of the resistance, but in terms of material and perspective etc. it is not hard to do


  2. “we make ourselves irrelevant”

    Also the programs being eliminated are those that require (or should require) the ability to engage in independent thought and to gain meta-contextual awareness (of language, society, politics) and the programs to be enhanced are almost all aimed at producing members of the professional managerial class whose role is to monitor and control the working class and underclass on behalf of capital.

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  3. They also got rid of English, History, Economics, Visual and Performing Arts.

    Notice that they are enhancing Bus. Ad. while eliminating Economics.


  4. ” enhancing Bus. Ad. while eliminating Economics”

    Economics has the potential of creating people who can think for themselves…. (it usually doesn’t…. but it can). Bus. Ad. trains people to join the PMC


  5. Why is English eliminated? Isn’t it the most global program ever? Interesting what is meant by Global Humanities. May be, it’s another word for English program… I am trying to be optimistic.


    1. “Why is English eliminated?”

      They prefer people who don’t know how to use language persuasively?

      “Isn’t it the most global program ever?”

      This would be English for native speakers (literature, linguistics, language history) actually not very global at all (in my limited experience).

      ” Global Humanities”

      Twitter and Instagram as literature.


  6. I like how you can have “global humanities” without history, Spanish, English, and the performing and visual arts. What the fuck is left? You are taking out two of the most significant languages of the globe, as well as the history of this globe, and the art forms that form the humanities themselves: literature and the visual and performing arts. What, then, is the content of the humanities any more?


    1. As el guesses, this will be the new English. Spanish, History, Economics, and Performing/Visual Arts will all be taught in there. The capstone course will be on global digital humanities


  7. As an economist, and although this is raving lunacy to eliminate Economics’ programs, I blame also my former economists’ community to have done everything they could to make themselves irrelevant.

    Their anti-scientific crusade against statisticians like myself is a good example.


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